BRT Weight Loss

About BRT And Weight Loss

In BRT, we attempt to understand WHY a person holds on to weight in different places as compared to others. The questions to ask is what imbalances are creating these distortions. Obesity is no doubt the number one problem we face today. The average person going to the bookstore or searching websites trying to find correct answers usually is left with more confusion and further away from discovering the truth about losing weight. The first thing and most important thing to know about metabolism is that your weight problem is NOT the problem. It is a symptom or an effect of something else. The next thing you know someone will be starting “win the war against obesity.” That would be the wrong target. You would get nowhere fast. 

Have you noticed that some people hold weight in the stomach and yet others carry weight in the hips and thighs and other people carry weight more evenly through the body? Why is this? In the BRT program, we use three powerful tools to help people—the BRT technique, diet and exercise.

Let us first discuss diet. There is no way you can put EVERYONE on the same diet and expect to get the maximum success. WHY? Because each type of weight case is different. And since weight is a symptom, would it not make more sense to design a diet program based on that person’s imbalance internally? In our program, we use a more tailor-made food plan to give the person maximum chance for improvement. Each person needs to be evaluated individually for what he/she needs. A shotgun approach to losing weight will only lead to failure and lots of effort. The truth is it should not take lots of hard work and effort to lose weight. IF you are getting to the right cause. In the BRT program, we take a different approach. We try to understand how your body is responding to food and why it is in slow mode. We want to know why you are carrying weight in one place versus another. We do not attack the fat or the weight directly but want to understand what your body is doing and what foods will support the underlying mechanism of your weight gain.

Now what about exercise? There is a single common error people make when attempting to lose weight. In fact, this mistake has caused people to spend a tremendous amount of wasted time and effort all in vain. In our BRT program, we educate you on the two ways the body makes energy as it relates to weight loss. We want you to fully understand what FAT really is and the exact mechanics of how you burn fat versus sugar. Many people mistakenly burn sugar instead of fat. So instead of giving you another program, we give you a greater understanding of the principles of how the body works with regard to metabolism. Unless you understand this, you will be dependent on the next new diet fad. It is actually very simple. You will learn how to use exercise to your advantage to maximize weight loss. If you do not know these key principles, you could unfortunately spend lots of wasted effort with minimal results.

About Stubborn Weight - In Dr. Eric E. Berg’s own words

As a person ages it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight. You might just say to yourself that you can’t do anything about this because everyone gets fat as they age. However, you can do something. Age does make fat-burning hormones more resistant but there are several strategic things you CAN do to make things easier.


As far as exercise is concerned, I have made a HUGE discovery. After noticing many patients coming in with a stubborn metabolism yet at the same time exercising 2 hours per day with very little if any results, I decided to investigate this area more closely. It did not make sense. In theory, exercise is supposed to make someone burn calories. In the medical textbooks, it states that excessive calories not burned lead to weight gain.

Then WHY isn’t it working?

I began studying exercise physiology and the mechanics of how a fat cell really deals with burning. I found that a fat cell is really just a storage center for potential energy in solid form. That’s right, you really don’t have fat, you have POTENTIAL ENERGY, now doesn’t that sound better? There are three ways the body extracts energy from itself. Only ONE way extracts FAT as energy. The other two ways extract sugar as energy. In other words, a person could spend a lot of time exercising and not even tap into the fat energy storage depot. And that’s what is happening to many people. In fact, many of the current exercise trainers do not really understand this principle and are giving the wrong advice.

In the BRT system, as one of our key strategies, we train you on how to maximize fat burning using the one energy system that deals only with fat burning and discourage the other two. Our goal is get you to understand this process INSTEAD of just telling you what to do.


Have you noticed that many people have been unable to lose weight with their diet? Even with a lower carbohydrates and higher proteins diet, many people still cannot lose weight. Some people can lose weight on the Atkins diet for two weeks but that is it. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place and nothing seemed to improve their weight situation.


There is no way you can put everyone on the same diet and have them lost weight. Let me tell you why. It has to do with the real reason WHY a person is gaining weight. If a person has a glandular weakness, their body will distort very specifically to a certain look. One gland problem will cause weight gain in the hips; the other in the stomach, the other one will cause weight gain all over the body. Doesn’t it make sense to feed the body based on its weaknesses? For example, if you took a person with a bad liver and put them on heavy proteins, they will get worse because of the fact that a person with a bad liver cannot digest and do well with heavy proteins. If you took a person with pancreas weakness and put them on too many carbohydrates, they will do very poorly. In the BRT system, we give you a tailor-made diet program based on many factors including your body weaknesses. This way you can get the advantage of maximizing weight loss with minimal effort. It is not a shotgun approach like other programs.