NFM - Natural Fertility Management

What is NFM?

Natural Fertility Management offers you a program of preconception health care for conscious conception or to overcome fertility problems, using holistic, natural medicine, natural medicine, nutrition, detoxification, stress control and timing techniques. 

This program can profoundly improve your chances of a healthy, successful conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

In your Natural Fertility Management program for conception you will learn to recognize the unmistakable signs of fertility that recur with each menstrual cycle, and, through charting them, become aware of patterns of change in cervical mucus, basal body temperature and other symptoms. By combining this with your personal bio-rhythmic lunar cycle, you can learn how to optimize the timing of conception. The same charts will enable a more thorough diagnosis of reproductive health and hormonal and nutritional balance, ensuring your therapy program is as effective as possible. Where there is a fertility problem, a holistic approach is used to explore its origin, and natural therapies are used to assist healing and normal reproductive functioning (for both male and female). 

Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements will be prescribed for each individual situation, with appropriate dietary, stress control and detoxification measures, and these will be revised on a regular basis until conception occurs. We can then advise on nutrition and health care during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. We will also test for a comprehensive range of infections that can compromise reproductive health.

Conceiving a child

Conceiving a child is a very special, though often unconscious event. If you are planning to have a child, then the methods and understanding which you will gain from Natural Fertility Management will enrich your whole experience, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Once these methods have been learnt, you can apply them for the rest of your fertile life. After the birth of your child you can use Natural Fertility Management methods confidently for safe, natural contraception until your next conscious conception. 

These methods have been combined and refined by Francesca Naish, a naturopath, herbalist and hypnotherapist, since 1975. Francesca first devised this approach as an answer to her own contraception needs. Since then she, and her associates, have assisted over 10,000 women and couples with their fertility management from her clinic in Sydney, and her methods are being used by increasing numbers of health professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, USA, UK and world wide. The Natural Fertility Management program has expanded to include fertility problems, preconception care for a healthy baby, reproductive health and sex selection as well as effective, natural contraception.

At OT&P we have natural health practitioners who can support your fertility and health needs with holistic and non-invasive treatments.

The Better Babies Program

  • Preconception Health Care 
  • Overcoming Fertility Problems 

Your Natural Fertility Management Program for Conception consists of :

Personal consultation (preferably for both parents) will cover the following topics :

  • Instruction in optimizing fertility timing at mid-cycle through the observation of body symptoms, with monthly cycle charts to record observations. 
  • Instruction in the use of the bio-rhythmic lunar cycle 
  • Instruction in how to combine these methods to know how to prepare for, and make best use of, your fertile times. 
  • Naturopathic medicine, including dietary and lifestyle advice, detoxification, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation for BOTH parents. 
  • Tests to diagnose heavy metal toxicity and zinc deficiency. 
  • Counseling to assist the understanding and processing of the issues and stresses of fertility problems. 
  • We also offer, and recommend, a thorough medical preconception screening, with our medical doctors for infection and other conditions which could adversely affect a pregnancy or foetal health. 
  • Sex selection calculation are available for those with no fertility problems. 
  • Regular check-up consultations (usually monthly) are advised where progress can be monitored, and therapy revised.

The duration and success of the program

Preconception care can only be of benefit if sufficient time is given for it to be effective in restoring nutritional status, removing toxins and improving reproductive health before conception takes place. In most cases, four months is a minimum period of preparation, and it is important that, whenever possible, both parents participate in the program and attend consultations. 

Although it is very difficult to assess how long any individual couple with fertility problems may expect to wait before experiencing a positive outcome, there are some guidelines which you may find helpful.

  • Natural medicines, in general, work gently over a period of time to correct chronic and long-standing disorders. 
  • As you progress with your treatment, additional factors affecting the outcome or diagnosis and chosen therapies may become evident. 
  • In a stable treatment situation, we would generally suggest that if there is no successful outcome after 6 months of attempting conceptions, that you consider your options This should be done in consultation with your Natural Fertility Management practitioner. 

Natural Fertility Management is the safest and most empowering method of achieving a healthy conception current available, and, in most cases of infertility, offers a chance of success equal to, or greater than, any other form of treatment involving drugs and/or surgery. Recent studies by FORESIGHT, the British Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care, give an over ten-fold reduction in miscarriage, and an over 80% success rate with unexplained infertility. Congenital defects are virtually unknown.

We believe that a healthy body is a fertile body.  Since fertility and foetal health are directly related to your general and reproductive health, you can also expect these to improve significantly, as you progress through the program.